Anxious Apprehension About AP Exams

I'm sorry this post is so late, but I went to go see High School Musical (a school production of it) and it slayed my entire existence. When asked the infamous "What team?" question, I screamed a scream so loud and guttural it sounded like a middle-aged man. Yeah, I could write an entire post about how… Continue reading Anxious Apprehension About AP Exams


Struggling with Body Issues

Hi, guys! Today's post was supposed to be all about my cat, Baby Tiddy, but I woke up this morning with something else on my mind, so I'll just have to write about her another week. This post will be a little bit more sensitive than my other ones, so I will try to tread… Continue reading Struggling with Body Issues

Stories About the Most Stupid Honors Student Ever

(Me and my friend HG Just love laughing about how goofy I am!!!!!) Hey everyone! I'm back for another week to talk about myself. (This blog thing is becoming a bit egocentric, isn't it?) But I think the topic for this week is something that a lot of you may be able to relate to.… Continue reading Stories About the Most Stupid Honors Student Ever

Fictional Character Obsession

Hi guys! Glad you decided to check out my page again. I guess this can be our special thing, now?'ve left. Today I want to talk about something that lot of people will not understand unless you really, really like books. Or... imaginative universes. As I said in my intro, I love to read and… Continue reading Fictional Character Obsession