13 Reasons Why Moms Are Awesome

Hello, everyone! Since today is Mother’s Day, I think it’s very appropriate for me to write a post of gratitude to all the beautiful moms out there. Especially mine. So here it is:

Wow! You’re a mom! What an accomplishment.. Seriously, I don’t think there could be any job that’s harder. You had to push an entire living being out of your body?? Then let it eat all your food and take all of your money for 18 years?? And THEN sometimes you do it again????? Why is there not a “Mom” superhero?

I think it’s because no comic strip or Marvel movie could capture the great responsibility it takes to be a mom… Although it would be great to get recognized sometimes, wouldn’t it? Well, I’m about to attempt it. (And include a pop-culture reference at the same time, too!)

13 Reasons Why Moms Are Awesome

  1. They can survive through nine months of grueling aches, pains, weight gain, vomiting, hormones, weird cravings, and every other side effect of carrying a tiny human inside their stomach. Not to mention everything that comes after.
  2. They can soothe any cry, change any diaper, scare any monster, and then some if  it’s what their child needs.
  3. They give the best hugs and kisses. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you tell me you don’t love the feel of your mom’s butterfly kisses on your face, I will say you’re lying.
  4. They’ll listen to countless of hours of whining and crying without giving up on a well-deserved punishment. It’s hard being bad cop, dude.
  5. They clean up messes, do the laundry, cook meals, and go to work all in the same day. That’s a lot.
  6. They always see their child as beautiful/handsome no matter what they look like.
  7. When somebody hurts them, they brush it off. When somebody hurts their child… that person is going to die.
  8. They take their kids to every school function, every baseball game, every school play, and they watch them perform in it. And with wonder they think, “Wow, my kid is awesome.”
  9. They let their kid go out with friends even if they’re worried to death about whether or not they’ll come home and if they’re safe literally every second.
  10. They spend so much money on their kids. I’m talking fortunes. And they do it because they want them to have the best life they can possibly have, with all their favorite toys and nice clothes.
  11. They tease their kid and embarrass them because they’re still their baby, no matter how old they get, and everyone needs to know that.
  12. They do all this while waiting for that day when their child leaves home and will no longer need all the things that their moms loved giving them their entire life. The day that they become a mom with a son/daughter who can take care of themselves.
  13. And despite all of it… They love their children unconditionally.

Now, of course, that’s just thirteen reasons why the traditional mom is awesome. I have no way to tell what everyone’s moms are like, but I’m sure they’re all wonderful. However… I can tell you what my mom is like.

13 Reasons Why My Mom is Awesome

  1. She takes care of me and my sister at the same time. That’s a chore in itself because we’re hard to handle.
  2. Not only is she a mom, but she’s also a nurse, which is the hardest job on the planet.
  3. She let me and my sister adopt all of our animals, and she loves them just as much as we do. Even though they’re extremely hard to take care of, she let us have them because we wanted them. And it was the right decision.
  4. She makes the BEST Angel Hair Pasta in the world. It may be out of the box, but it’s my favorite food of all time.
  5. She let’s me choose what I want to do. When I wanted to quit softball after four years of playing, she let me do it. When I wanted to start doing plays, she let me do it and she came to all of my performances.
  6. She tries her hardest to help me when I’m in need of something. If I leave a school project at home, all I have to do is text my mom and she’ll find a way to bring it to me. (Although it will probably be late getting there. 😛 )
  7. She listens to me when I have my rambling moments (for the most part). I will talk for hours upon hours and she’ll digest most of what I’m saying.
  8. When I have no idea what to do in a situation, I just call my mom and she’ll tell me everything I need to know. This goes for cooking, shopping for clothes, and getting through my anxiety.
  9. She is extremely funny. The way she reacts to things and how she acts silly around me and my friends..  it’s hard not to laugh at.
  10. Oh, and she loves all of my friends, too. She treats them like her own children, and they love her like she’s their own mom.
  11. She sees the good in everyone. She has never tried to put someone down for their bad behavior because she believes everyone should have a second chance.
  12. It doesn’t matter what I’ve done or what I’ve said, she’ll always tell me she loves me. Whether it’s through text with the kissy faces or on the phone before we hang up. Even when I was little, every night she’d tuck me into bed and tell me that she loves me “all the way to Neptune and back.”
  13. She has done more for me than I will ever be able to pay back. I could not give her all of the money and time she has spent on me in these 16 years even if I tried. I will be forever grateful for her raising me with such love in her heart and teaching me how to be a good person… and a great mom.

Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry for all the things you have to deal with because of me and Jordan. But you deal with it well, and that’s why I love you… I love you all the way to Neptune and back.


(Me and my beautiful mother ❤ )

Okay, that’s it! I hope you have a fantabulous Mother’s Day! Make sure to show your mom or your grandmother or aunt or your mother figure some love because they really do deserve it. I think everyone needs to start a Mom fan club so we can truly obsess over how awesome our moms are.

Also, I’m sorry for terrible grammar. I had to rush to get this done.

Love you bunches! ❤

~Vannah Smalley

FBAWTFT Update: 550 DAYS!!!!! I received my movie set in the mail and I’m absolutely in love with it. I watched the movie again last night but with the special features this time, and it blew my mind. So excited for them to start filming the sequel this summer!!!!

P.S. No, I haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why yet… I just did it to be relevant.

(Creds to the Odyssey Online for the featured picture.)


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