My Goals for Summer 2017


Okay, okay. I’ll stop. You guys know I’m a huge High School Musical freak.

So, I’m officially out for summer break! Yay! This school year was absolutely wonderful, but I am in desperate need of a break, and it has finally arrived. Normally, I don’t have a lot planned for the summer months, but this year my calendar is overflowing with things to do. And I’m super excited for it.

So, as a way to keep track of all the things I want to accomplish in the next 2 and ½ months, I thought I’d make a list. But I’ve been told that pictures capture a person’s attention more effectively,  and I want ALL of the attention. And I like to make people laugh, so….

My Goals for Summer 2017… told through stock photos.


Image result for stock photos laugh        Image result for stock photos singing

  Image result for stock photos dancing

Image result for stock photos friends Image result for stock photos watch movies

Image result for stock photos explore  

Image result for stock photos camera Image result for stock photos weird

   Image result for stock photos weird

Image result for stock photos weird Image result for stock photos bad makeup

Image result for stock photos weird   Image result for stock photos shopping

Image result for stock photos weird Image result for stock photos weird

Okay, clearly I won’t be sniffing a flip-flop during the summer, but I just couldn’t not put that in. If you’re ever feeling sad, just type in “weird stock photos,” and I guarantee you’ll laugh at at least one of them. I mean


Image result for stock photos weird

WHAT EVEN???!?!?!?!? 

Anyways, I’m sorry that this post is complete effortless crap, but I didn’t feel up to writing much today… I jUST WANTED TO WATCH NETFLIX, OKAY? SUE ME.

Also, I figured it’d be nice to set some (mostly) realistic goals to accomplish in the summer. Even if they’re explained in a very silly way.

Thank you guys for reading my posts; I really do appreciate it. I’ve received extremely positive feedback from a few of you- mainly my mom- and it just lights a creative fire in my heart to know that you’re enjoying my work.

If that’s  ↑  what you call work.

I love you…guess how much? Yeah… bunches!

~Vannah Smalley

FBAWTFT Update: 537 DAYS! In the three days that I’ve been released from school, I have read quite a few Newtina fanfics that I very much enjoyed. I just have to recommend one author: amandasarmada. She’s written a couple stories and one-shots, and the characters are all captured so perfectly.. it makes my heart flutter. By the time I write my next blog post, I will probably have read a ton more. Oh, and I found the cutest little stickers on the iMessage store for Fantastic Beasts: 

Literally the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. Download it immediately!

Okay, goodbye! ❤

SophoMORE year is no MORE!

You like my clever title? It surprisingly didn’t take three hours to come up with!

Hello again! I’m back to my normal Saturday schedule (if I can get this post up before midnight.. Update: I didn’t). So, this upcoming Wednesday is the last day of my sophomore year, and I’m pretty sad about it. This year was super hard for me in so many ways… mostly because of APUSH, but also because of my house fire, my dad getting sick, etc., yet I still loved every minute of it. I feel like I made so many new friends, and I somehow kept up my grades, and I got my license and a car, and I became obsessed with Fantastic Beasts! Honestly, the highlight of my life is becoming obsessed with that movie.

Anyways, I thought we could look back on the year with a series of photos containing me and my friends. However, for security purposes, I’m going to blur out all faces except for mine (if I get sex trafficked b/c of my blog, it’s my own fault. but i ain’t dragging my friends down with me)

*Looking at it after I’ve finished, it just looks like I’m really self-absorbed…OH WELL.

June 2016

-My dad, my sister, and I went to New Orleans for ONE day! It was really, really tiring but SUPER FUN!!!


Me trying to get a pic with a swimming penguin. What an idiot
We rode over on a ferry to get to the Audubon Aquarium, Zoo, and Insectarium. All of the animals were super cute, especially the adorable otter and kind of depressed frog.

We also went on a ghost tour where I witnessed an actual ghost orb!!! Someone contact Shane Dawson!!!!

I’m a straight-up Ghostbuster, man.

-Then, I got to go to Melbourne, Florida, and volunteer to help community organizations and see my mission trip friends again. And visit the beach and Orlando Studios, too!


Ignore the complete derp face I’m making

July 2016

-I got to see Wicked on tour, and it was the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced. I think I cried.


-And I played the part of Mrs. Gloop in Willy Wonka Jr. in a summer camp that we managed to put on in a week. It turned out pretty great!


August 2016

-Baby Tiddy had her 8th birthday party, which is very special b/c she was born on 08/08/08!


-Various friend stuff!!!




-And pretty soon after, school began!


Me holding up my hands to make a 10. wOW SO CLEVER

September 2016

-I went to see my friends act in Beauty and the Beast and loved it more than words. (The first of many plays that I saw this year.)

-I helped build the sophomore homecoming float (which my best friend designed). The theme was Dr. Seuss, so we dressed up as Cats-in-the-hat (?)

Her dab covered up her face, I didn’t even have to blur it out!

October 2016

-Cool friends, fun times, spoopy things.


I was a fox for Halloween. SO original, right?

November 2016

-Birthday month! Month that Fantastic Beasts came out! Basically the best month ever.

Okay, this is completely irrelevant, but I did my APUSH project on the Shakers, and I’m completely obsessed with them and thIS HAHAHHAHAHA

December 2016

-In the very first week of December, I played the role of “Santa’s Helper” in Elf: the Musical, Jr. and it was just a blast! IT’S THE STORY OF *clap and kick* BUDDYYY THE ELF!


-Then my friend had a little Christmas/sendoff to Kentucky party for herself, and we got matching penguins from Madagascar buttons!


-Christmas and New Year’s with the fam and alcoholic beverages!



January 2017

-Anime conventions!! (Wow, such a nerd.) I met the voices of Steven and Pearl from Steven Universe, Zach Callison and DeeDee Magno Hall. I freaked out.



They’re famous, I don’t have to blur them out!!

February 2017

-Another play! Snoopy the Musical. Peanut Kid #67. Dream role, obviously… uhm, no. But I did bond with some amazing people and missed FDR’s New Deal in APUSH!

March 2017

-Okay, the big one. Spring Break! Disney! Orlando Studios! Yay! (I gave up on blurring my family members, who cares about them anyways)


-AND THEN…. I fell in love with.. well, you know. ❤

April 2017


May 2017

-THE APUSH EXAM! AFTER THE APUSH EXAM! NOW! what’s the point of life anymore




And if you scrolled through this entire thing to see if I included your blurred face, congrats. You’re committed. I’m glad you love yourself that much. I love you, too.

There’s so many more pictures I could have used, but it’s 2 am, and I also may have deleted them all from my phone WHOOPS.

Thanks for reading! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAYLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

Love you bunches!

~Vannah Smalley

FBAWTFT Update: 544 days! Alien: Covenant was released on Friday, and it has Katherine Waterston in it (Tina)! That’ll be the only reason I watch it. I love Newt! Goodnight!