Fantastic Beasts: Fanfiction, Eddie Redmayne, & More!

Hi, y'all! Now, before I get into this wonderfully long post, I'll update you a little bit on my predicament about the APUSH exam: I took it yesterday morning and, although it did not go as well as I had hoped it would, I think I did okay enough to receive a passing grade. The… Continue reading Fantastic Beasts: Fanfiction, Eddie Redmayne, & More!


Fictional Character Obsession

Hi guys! Glad you decided to check out my page again. I guess this can be our special┬áthing, now?'ve left. Today I want to talk about something that lot of people will not understand unless you really, really like books. Or... imaginative universes. As I said in my intro, I love to read and… Continue reading Fictional Character Obsession